Our Vision

Welcome to our website, where we explore the complex and dynamic intersection of Islamic and European culture in the lives of Muslims living in Europe. As a sociologist of religion and a Muslim living in the Netherlands, I believe that Muslims in Europe can develop a unique identity that combines their Islamic heritage with the diverse cultures and traditions of the continent. However, this process is not without its challenges. Muslim communities in Europe face ongoing struggles for acceptance, belonging, and inclusion, as they navigate their place in a rapidly changing society.

Through our website, we aim to showcase the experiences and perspectives of European Muslims, as they strive to find a balance between their religious and cultural heritage and the demands of contemporary European society. Our website has a particular focus on environmentalism, religious education, and radicalism, three key areas that are shaping the future of Muslim life in Europe.

On environmentalism, we will explore how Muslims in Europe are engaging with issues of sustainability and climate change, drawing on their Islamic values and teachings to promote environmental stewardship and social justice. We will share stories of eco-friendly practices and initiatives within Muslim communities in Europe, as well as critical analysis of the broader political and economic contexts that are shaping environmentalism in the region.

On religious education, we will examine the diverse ways in which Muslims in Europe are learning about their faith, including both traditional and innovative approaches to Islamic pedagogy. We will share stories of religious schools, community centers, and online platforms that are helping Muslims in Europe deepen their knowledge and practice of Islam, while also navigating the challenges of secularization, pluralism, and religious freedom.

On radicalism, we will provide critical analysis of the diverse forms of extremism that are affecting Muslim communities in Europe, including both violent and non-violent expressions of radicalism. We will examine the root causes of radicalization, including issues of discrimination, marginalization, and political conflict, while also highlighting the counter-narratives and initiatives that are working to promote greater understanding and social cohesion.

We hope that our website will serve as a platform for dialogue and exchange, promoting greater understanding and empathy between diverse communities in Europe. Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery, as we seek to bridge the worlds of Islamic and European culture in our everyday lives.


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